Google's security solutions, powered by Postini, are an efficient way for your business to enhance
the security and add message archiving to your existing communications infrastructure. Google
provides scalability and convenience that you can get only from a hosted service. With no
hardware or software to install or maintain, you can be up and running quickly, protecting your
company with enteprise-class security. Always-on and always-current, the service proactively
stops message-based spam, viruses, malware and other threats before they get inside your

Leveraging a patented, on-demand architecture, Google Message Security blocks spam, phishing,
viruses, and other email threats before they reach your organization, reducing load on your email
servers, conserving bandwidth and improving the performance of your existing messaging
infrastructure. Google Message Security is delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model,
saving money and IT resources because there is no hardware or software to install and maintain.
Preemptive Email Threat Protection - Stop Directory Harvest and Denial of Service attacks
with exclusive Sender Behavior Analysis Block spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats
before they reach your network based on patented Content Analysis Maintain white and blacklists
for both senders and IP addresses.

Email Policy Management and Encryption - Apply content and attachment filters Control user
access to personal quarantines and settings Apply these and other policies globally across
organizations, and for domains, groups, and individuals Enable Policy Enforced Transport Layer
Security (TLS) to encrypt communications between e-mail servers.

Powerful Administration, Monitoring, and Reports - Control and monitor all Postini services
from a single Web-based administration console Track email activity and events via real-time
dashboards and alerts Delegate administration across corporate IT staffs Access detailed reports
for performance analysis and supervision.

Email Continuity and Service Scalability - Optimize performance with Intelligent Message
Routing that includes automatic load balancing Ensure email continuity with automatic disaster
recovery, failover support, and redundant globally distributed data centers Scale service across
any number of users, domains, and geographic locations Native language support for global

Disaster Recovery / Failover
Postini Integrated Message Management prevents email loss during client server outages by
automatically spooling incoming messages to a backup server, then un-spooling and delivering
when premises servers are restored.

Archiving - Retention
Google message archiving service, powered by Postini, is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy,
on-demand service that helps improve your organization's mail server performance and quickly
implement data retention strategies for compliance and rapid e-discovery.