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Support and Activation Fees:
Email Security SP (PES) - $150.00
Google Email Security - PES Service Provider
PES I Accounts (SEI) - $49.50 (Up to 50 Users)
PES II Accounts (SEII) - $64.95 (Up to 75 Users)
PES III Accounts (SEIII) - $79.95 (Up to 100 Users)
PES IV Accounts (SEIV) - $99.95 (Up to 150 Users)
Email Security over 150 users - Contact for Pricing
Google™ Apps Security and Compliance
Message Filtering - $3.00 Annual per user
Message Security - $12.00 Annual per user
Message Discovery - $25.00 Annual per user
Discovery includes 1 yr retention
Additional retention - $10 per year, per user.

Disaster Recovery Spooling - PES
PES - Per MB (min 5 MB) $1.00 per MB
Message Security & Discovery - 1 GB included

Support Services - Google Apps Security and
Compliance standard support includes web and email
support. Enhanced support packages have minimum
annual billing and support fees. Critical support is
available by phone with the enhanced support
Google Apps or Email Security
are great added services for
IT professionals, Webhost and
ISP's to add email security
and compliance archiving.
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