Anti-Spam Anti-Virus
Web 2.0 AJAX Mail Interface
Email Forewarding
Auto Response
Check External Mail
Email Notification
Secure Data Center
Carrier-Class Hardware
Firewall and Security
Full Backups
Storage - Muliple Options
IMAP "Push" Email for Mobile Devices
Online Signup available
Customization Control
Spam Protection
Approximately $9 billion in productivity will be lost to spam this year in the US alone according to
Ferris Research. To help you filter out any spam that comes to your inbox, we offer two levels of
protection, SpamShield Pro for Webmail and enhanced Email Security by Postini. SpamShield Pro
includes personalized options that keep even more spam out of your inbox. SpamShield Pro
works with your IMAP aacount allowing you to see your spam folder without having to log in to
your Web Mail. For even greater control and security, add Postini Email Security or Google Apps
services to your account.

Anti-Virus Protection
Viruses spread through email can cause billions of dollars in lost data and productivity. Your
Hosted Email uses Sophos to provide up-to-date virus protection for your users. Virus protection
is a standard feature for all our Hosted Email customers and is available with enhanced Email
Security by Postini, on an optional cost per mailbox basis.

Enterprise-Class Hardware
Carrier-Class Hardware is in a league of its own. We have an infrastructure that a company is not
going to recreate in their enterprise.

Firewall and Security
Redundant firewalls screen all network traffic. We employ regular monitoring of network ports and
firewalls, system access restriction, 24x7 surveillance, and security best practices.

Full Backups - Full backups with redundant storage for all hosted mailboxes.

Use your favorite email program with our POP and IMAP services. POP is great for users on a
single computer; all your messages are downloaded to your email program's inbox. IMAP gives
incredible flexibility for those who use more than one computer and want to have the latest copy
of their email wherever they are. With IMAP, all email is backed up on our servers. Our SMTP
services give you access to send email from email software without having to worry about using
the network approved SMTP server.

Secure Email Plus hosted email services grow with you. You can start with as few as 5 mailboxes
and have room to grow. All of our mailboxes are available with web access that allows each
mailbox owner the ability to create their own folders and set their own preferences for vacation
and out of office responses. Many of our service packages include the ability to use your own
desktop email application like Outlook and Thunderbird. We also allow the administrator to set up
alias email address at no extra charge, so it is easy to send to a group.

Secure Data Center
Your Hosted Email service is hosted within a carrier-class data center on an OC-48 backbone,
supported 24x7 with highly trained staff and physical protection including redundant HVAC air
filtration, water-free fire suppression, UPS power protection, and diesel generator backups.

All mailboxes come with 100 MB of ample storage to start and are easily upgradeable on a per
mailbox basis of 250MB, 1GB and 2GB storage upgrades.

Rich Web Mail Interface
All of our Hosted Email accounts come with web access from virtually any computer connected to
the Internet. Our robust Web Mail features include Email Notification, Auto Complete, Email
Forwarding, rich text editing, dynamic spell checking, message search, and aliases. The new "rich"
Web Mail interface delivers a feature-rich, desktop-like experience that is intuitive and simple to
use. An updated Inbox navigation provides "quick click" features as well as a broad array of
actions just from right clicking on a message! And no more paging through your Inbox of
messages. All email messages are displayed in a single pane by simply "scrolling" from top to
bottom. Simple, intuitive, and fast!

The calendar allows users to stay organized by planning daily, weekly, and monthly activities:
- Keep track of appointments that recur on a regular basis (i.e., weekly, monthly)
- Access your calendar anytime, from anywhere

IMAP "Push" Email* for Mobile Devices
Secure Email Plus Hosted Email solution supports push email allowing your mobile users to stay
up-to-date, and fully sync their mail on the road. Email, folders and contacts that are always
synchronized access your data from most any Web browser, computer or compatible mobile

Enhanced Mobile Coomunications
Postini's enhanced Email Security platform adds addtional functionality for Wireless mobile
communications for PDA's using IMAP or POP3.

Customizable Control Center
Each Control Center offers the ability to customize the look and feel that you want. Standard
built-in templates and themes provide text and color options. Control Center options include a
Welcome Email, Inbound and Outbound mail rules, quota warning and an optional banner ad