Inbound email filtering (anti-spam, anti-virus, and malware protection)

Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and Denial of Service (DoS) protection

Signature-based virus, phishing and spyware detection & blocking

Real-time (zero hour), virus, phishing and spyware detection & blocking

MESSAGE SECURITY - Content Policy Management-

Message Filtering plus;

Outbound email processing (inspects for viruses and policy controlled content)

Email encryption (transport layer encryption enforced to and from specific domains)

Spooling (messages are queued if destination email servers are unavailable)

Manage email file attachments (create rules for email attachment limits, blocking, and

Customizable content-based rules (create content-based rules for email messages)

Compliance lexicons (pre-defined filters for Social Security and credit card numbers)

Regular expression (regex) pattern matching (create sophisticated customized
data/pattern matching rules)

MESSAGE DISCOVERY - Archiving and Rentention -

Message Security plus;

Hosted message archiving, extendable retention, auto-purge (automates retention
policy enforcement)

Archive search, export, discovery flag, storage & audit reports (web-based
administration for archived messages)

Individual access to personal archive for end users (provides intuitive search feature
for end users)